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Friday, August 6, 2010

A Jazz Weekend

Pack up the car this weekend with just a few picnic things, especially lawn chairs and a frisbee, don't forget the KIDS, then head north (an easy drive) to BEAUTIFUL (about 2 hours from Long Island), I mean GORGEOUS Kent, Connecticut, for the Litchfield Jazz Festival at the Kent School...  you won't regret it.
  First of all, buy Lawn tickets (online or there), the weather is going to be perfect both Saturday and Sunday, secondly, you need to expose your kids (and yourself) to something other than Top 40 hits, even if they're running around seemingly ignoring the music, they're NOT, because they're like sponges, everything permeates those growing brains.
There will be food, crafts, and other exhibitors... something for everyone!

If your child plays an instrument you'll want to walk over to the 'Second Stage' and see the kids who attend the Jazz Camp perform in small group combos throughout the weekend...
My son attended the Jazz Camp and will be playing this weekend

More photos (by Antonio Monteiro) of the kids from previous summers...

Tickets are $29 online and $35 at the gate per day for an All-Star Lineup... and the festival actually starts tonight!

Have a great weekend... and tell them Mama Lisha sent you!

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