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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meeting Mr. Kimmelman

The BIG story of the day yesterday at the US Open,... the horrific 95 degree temps, the hottest in US Open history.  The BIG story of my day... meeting Michael Kimmelman, yes, after my blog post yesterday, I was surprised to actually come face to face with him just as people were arriving for the start of the first matches of the day.  I think he was taken aback and so was I as I blurted out, "Kimmelman"... it just came out, unedited... OMG what had I just done... could I save both he and I from embarrassment?!
So I said something to the effect about how I appreciated what he and Marzorati were doing at the Open with their blog, "Straight Sets", and the idea of cross-pollinating an art perspective with tennis, as the Times put it, ..."covering the Open from uncommon perspectives".
I broke into a sweat and it wasn't from the air temperature, not yet anyway.  Then he graciously went over the play schedule with us and what players we didn't want to miss... I mentioned that I was an artist, he asked what kind of work I do, I started to answer and then I'm not sure what happened after that... my friend took some photos of us and then were off to a sweltering hot day of tennis which at times seemed unbearable, possibly even heat-madness dripping from our pores, testing our patience with each other, while watching the very best in tennis... a memorable birthday.

I will be checking in daily with Straight Sets... thanks Kimmelman, stay cool.

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