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Thursday, September 16, 2010

If Things Could Speak

It's 2010 and THINGS can speak, now that there are companies like Stickybits, "a fun and social way to attach digital content to objects"...

 In The New York Times Magazine, September 5th issue, Rob Walker wrote a short, but eye-opening article about a technology that will change how we see 'things'...  just scan an object (it's barcode) and you'll get the story of the thing, maybe more data than you cared to know, but it's powerful stuff with many applications...

Itizen is another company, "offering an online service that provides a way to tell, share, and follow the 'life stories' of interesting things".
It's free to sign up with these companies and for instance, Stickybits has teamed up with Zazzle to offer products that make great gifts, or if you're in the job market, you can order a business card where you can attach your resume to it for a potential employer... that would surely impress them!

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  1. Technology is evolving so quickly...and there are just so many interesting things available out there that it gets hard to keep up with the changes! Thanks for sharing these sites --- I'm going to check out Stikcybits right now! Sounds interesting!
    Dropping in from SITS.