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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

This is what the first day of high school looked like for my first time high schooler son.  I needed binoculars...
It's about 6:45 am and I know to stand far enough away (in the driveway) so as not to embarrass him.  I know my place and he's sensitive about my feelings so he wouldn't say, "Oh Mom, go away" or something to that effect...  
Now my middle schooler is different, he shooed me back to the front porch in the all to familiar tired and cranky mantra of a 12 year old pubescent boy with attitude...
... he won't admit it but he liked the surreptitious hug and kiss I gave him (so much for the tough guy) before meandering back to a spot on the front porch where I was comfortable sipping my coffee, thinking about the start of a new chapter for all of us.  
I even had to light a fire under our sleepy dog who's used to waiting for the bus with the kids.  As our dog lumbered down the driveway to his buddy, I know my son took comfort in the old routine.

How was your first day of school send-off today?


  1. I remember his first day of kindergarten....XoXo

  2. I think my son has the same hair! He's in his 2nd year of college and still is not too keen about actually having parents.

  3. Love that "attitude" picture! I remember the first day of son's ever riding a school bus in 2nd grade after being in a private school. He came home freaked out "Mom, they threw this kid's shoes out the window and everyone is screaming and yelling and fighting all the time." I began taking him to his gram's house up the road (a different bus driver - one he was with until high school graduation). Thanks for the memories!