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Thursday, May 27, 2010

TOTE: To Haul; Lug

Lug...  with difficulty!  One definition of Tote is to be armed... well, when a woman is carrying a full tote bag, there is no question 'she is armed', ready for anything...  anything she could want is in that BAG!
My (as they say in New York) 'pacabook', has everything in it but the 'kitchen'... no sinks here!
My husband and kids make fun of my pacabook, they say, "How can you find anything in here?", when they're looking for something... I say, "Stay Out!", it's not yours that's why... but if my bag is too big (and it hasn't been cleaned out in while), it is, I often say, "like a black hole", frustrating even for me.

With summer upon us, Totes are great, not only for travel, or the beach, but to lighten the load, and the fabrics say, 'Summer'... so here are a few I like...
Hard to find... Marc Jacobs, Doodle Print Tote, totbags.com, for $99
Classic Denim Weekender, Marc Jacobs, totobags.com, $149

These are beautiful, a great price and come in different prints...
Zuba Africa, shopbop.com, $38

LeSportsac is my favorite for travel... light, versatile, and washable...
LeSportsac, Soleil Lightning Passerby Bag, shopbop.com, $108 

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