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Monday, May 17, 2010

Family Game Night

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Last nights' game night fiasco...
My husband surprised us about a month ago by ordering a game online he had heard was 'Hot Stuff'!  'Hot Under the Collar' is more like it... every time we play this fast paced game where you have to face-off with another player by blurting (screaming in our case) out your answer before your opponent does... there's a dispute, an argument ensues, people take sides, and someone gets pissed off... is this FUN?!  Now when my sons played with their friends, they had a great old time... well we're doing something wrong... too competitive I suppose, and my younger son (12) always seems to win by a landslide.

Here's the other annoying thing that happens when we play... our dog, a 55 pound labradoodle, normally sweet and mellow, turns CRAZY ( from all the screaming I suppose) he gets over stimulated and starts jumping all over the couch, humping and nipping us to death... so even after we humans have made up, we stop arguing and resume play, we can't play anyway ( he did this when the kids played with their friends too).  Putting him outside is no better because he keeps scratching at the door to come in and he drives us crazy.

So, in theory I recommend this game, but we'll have to leave this for the kids and their friends or maybe for an adult game night... no one will care, especially if we pair it with a glass or two of wine (haha)!

If not, I'll have to pass it on to another unsuspecting family...  I think we'll stick to 'Rummy-O' for now.

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