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Thursday, May 13, 2010

It Suits Him

Next weekend we'll be going to a Bar Mitzvah and I had to buy a suit yesterday for my 14 year old who is going through a growth spurt... in fact the pediatrician says that both my boys (2 years apart) are going through spurts at the same time!  Now buying an expensive suit he'll probably wear only once is out of the question... so off to Macy's I went, I'd like to say that as a savvy shopper I knew they were having a big 2 day sale, but I didn't, and just happened to walk in on great savings... including the additional 15% off when you open a charge.  So I bought this dark gray spring suit, jacket $59.99 slacks $24.99...
I'll pair it with a crisp white shirt and this tie...

Nautica $14.98
I have to have the pants altered, so that is an additional expense, but I already have the white shirt from his winter band concert.  He looks great in the suit, with his slight tan from playing on the school tennis team.  Oh, by the way, my 12 year old son is wearing his brothers hand-me-down suit which just fits... phew, hold on growth spurt just for 2 weeks !
Don't forget... today is the last day of the Macy's sale... for this week anyway. 

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