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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SWJ=JEANS (the straight white kind)

If you're looking for the perfect SWJ or Straight Leg White Jean and are willing to spend the money for an amazing fit and feel, then these Vince jeans are just the thing.  I wish I could say that I found a less expensive counterpart, but not yet... if you know of one please speak up...
I was in Saks for a big sale a few weeks ago (20%off), and tried the regular straight leg jeans on and I fell in love... a higher cut in the waist than a lot of them which is very flattering, and just the right amount of stretch...
Of course my luck they were out of the white... the sales girl offered to order them and said she would call in a few days to let me know, but I never got the call... so online I go... and of course the 20% I forego...
This stretch silk Tee feels great and comes in Navy too...

I like the all white look with a long chain necklace


  1. I swear by 7 for all man kind and True religion ..the best fit and style in my opion.

  2. Those jeans are HOT. Love them. And my nickname is Lish or Lisha.

    Hey, thanks for dropping by my discussion at blogfrog. I appreciate it.