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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pumas and Wolves!

Saw these Pumas on one of my favorite bloggers sites Oh Joy!, actually it was her husbands post for the guys (Oh-Bob)... bought them for my 14 year old son... now I want a pair for myself (they're unisex)...
They would make a great Mother's Day gift from the kids!

They're so cool... looking like a 2D drawing in 3D

They come in black and white too... Mid Manga, $60

The new back look!

So we went to Chipotle last night for Cinco de Mayo, and so did half the town, with people poised and ready to kill for a parking spot... get real Long Islanders... your life does not depend on ONE meal!!! 
There wasn't anything festive about last night, except for the the line of wolves with tongues waving... just another night of healthy fast food...

We ordered one burrito, one rice bowl, and one salad bowl

I go light on the toppings

Brought half home... that's salsa stain not grease

The carnitas (pork) salad bowl is my favorite!

Happy Seis de Mayo!

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