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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MOMS: A 'Course' of Action

Stay-at-home Moms, I'm sure you've worried about your brain going to mush... and hungered for that intellectual stimulation as you're cleaning up poop for the ______th time...  Now that I have a teen and tween, the only poop I clean is the dogs in the backyard, but when I saw this article in the NY Times (April 18th) it was almost as good as shoe shopping, "The Free and Easy Downloadable Education".  

Great courseware online (my husband has been talking about this day for years now)... professors who are now "celebrities of cyberspace"... courses from Yale, M.I.T. ( a forerunner in free online education), Carnegie Mellon, U.C.L.A... and the courses, everything from "Visualizing Cultures", an award-winning, visually stunning, history course on Japan and China, to Linear Algebra to "Physics 21: Science from Superheroes to Global Warming" (for nonscientists), to French (for that romantic trip you're planning with hubby).  

For those competitive parents and kids, there are intro college prep courses for your high school students too, or other college subjects just for a taste of the college experience.

My first choice... Psych 123: The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food"!... a series of 23 lectures asking questions like "Should the government be involved in shaping the nation's diet?"

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