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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Married for 60!

A very special dinner tonight at a restaurant in NYC is our destination... for what, in the middle of the week you might ask... well it's my mother's birthday today, but Thursday is my parents... drum roll!!!... 60th Wedding Anniversary... yes, I said 60th (and happily)... so my siblings and I are taking them out tonight (their request) at their favorite place, established in 1930...  so I guess they're contemporaries!
I had trouble finding a 60th Anniversary card... every card shop I went to carried cards up to the 50th anniversary only.  I don't think many people stay married that long anymore... or is it that they start later and never make it to sixty!

I found this one on Zazzle... too late

I even thought about just getting a 50th card, crossing it out and writing 60th (kinda cute), NOT... so I bought a beautiful card with writing I liked and I'll write something (aaaah, what?)... been thinking about it for days now... I'm sure it will come to me, soon I hope...

Love to hear if you know anyone who has been married that long...


  1. My dad passed away one month shy of their 50th and my mothers still angry about that!
    Please send my best wishes!

  2. I've been married that long! oh, whoops! It only seems that long! lol Just dropped by from SITS to say hi! Hope you will do the same. Actually I have a brother who has been married that long.

  3. Wow! Congratulations to your parents! I can't think of anyone else I know who has been married that long. Hubby and I have been together just over 6 years, but only married for 2, so we'll see how things pan out :p