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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Day Including Penne, Peas, and Pancetta

6:20 Wake up
6:28 Grind the coffee beans
6:53 Drive kids to school for jazz band 
7:01 Arrive at school (band starts playing at 7 sharp, can't seem to shave those 3 minutes off)
7:17 Write blog (I start too late but can't get up at 5:30 to write)
9:22 After laundry start 40 minute power walk with 'cardio trainer' app and dog
10:50 Leave for a few hours of work at husbands office after making beds and cleaning up kitchen & more
1:45 Leave work to shop at italian market for pancetta for dinner
2:20 Arrive home, have snack, make snack for kids, wash sons baseball clothes
3:02 Grab kids right from the bus and make it to School of Rock for back to back music lessons
3:14 Drop off kids, run to Saks to return one item and buy two
5:11 Return home with kids to make dinner
6:05 ate without my husband
6:33 played tennis in our driveway with my older son and dog

THE THREE P's (penne, peas and pancetta)

Cut 3 thick slices of pancetta into cubes and cook until crisp
Remove with slotted spoon and drain
Rinse frozen baby peas in colander with cold water & let sit to defrost 
Saute chopped onion and garlic in tablespoon of fat from pancetta
Cook penne al dente (firm), drain and add all ingredients with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and toss
Wafting smell of pork is almost too much for my dog
Grate fresh Parmigano Reggiano
My kids love to grate the cheese, one likes it shaved...
... the other likes it grated fine

Here's the thing about eating meat and eating healthy... we eat mostly chicken and fish, but when we eat meat I serve a small amount with lots of veggies (like a mediterranean diet), trying to keep the fat content  as low as possible. 

7:00 off to a 7:45 baseball game on a less than spring night (winter coat and blanket in hand)
9:48 game ends
10:05 arrive home to husband and other son
10:15 sit down to watch 'The Good Wife' which started late (not sure why... I got lucky)
11:22 lights out

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  1. looks yummy Aunt Lisa!! You might have to re-create this recipe for me next time I'm in LI