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Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother Earth on Mother's Day

I've been thing thinking all week about how to spend Mother's Day... and since I love to cook, but during the week I don't have access to much in the way of local farm grown produce, I wanted to visit one of Long Islands bountiful farms... since it's my day to decide and it's not a group decision... first we're having brunch at a favorite South American restaurant... then off to Youngs Farm in Old Brookville, where I was told by a coffeemaker extraordinaire (a blog for next week), that they have beautiful produce and wonderful pies... dessert, ooh lala!

Now another farm which is on my 'must see list', maybe not for Sunday (a bit of a drive), is Golden Earthworm organic farm... they have a great website and blog...
... with a recipe selection, tours and events...

Happy Mother's Day... let them spoil you... Enjoy!

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  1. Golden Earthworm has a wonderful CSA with local pickup in our area. Beautiful produce, fruit and flowers.My family has been a member for years and my children know more about unusual produce then most. It's a nice family adventure that's also edible!
    Happy mothers day...