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Friday, April 30, 2010


Some retailers have really mixed it up this season, as far as price points... for instance... Anthropologie has beautiful earrings and necklaces this season ranging from $298 all the way down to $38...
These are in the $28 to $38 range...

Love these milky aqua beads... they remind me of the old milk glass dishes from the 40's and 50's

The other retailer who surprised me at how pretty their accessories are this season is Ann Taylor Loft, with the same reasonable prices... and I thought I had to go to Target for these prices...

This gorgeous aqua bib is only $44.50... and I love the chain

This can be worn long or short

Wow... $49.50... Stunning!

Have a great weekend, hope you'e making outdoor plans, as the New York area is expecting 80 degree temps!  I'll be at Little League for a 5:30 game on Saturday night... where's my Sangria!

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