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Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Food Revolution"... 5 Things You Need To Know...

Today, the most dreaded day of the year for most Americans... there's a 'revolution' brewing, and I DON'T mean 'tax revolution'... if you, your school district, your community, and your household, have not jumped on this band wagon already, you need to... NOW... start by watching this fast paced, wildly entertaining and eye-opening show on ABC!

Last week my husband and I tuned in and couldn't tune out, we watched two episodes back to back... it's what's GREAT about an otherwise TV Wasteland... it's 'Brilliant', as the Brit host might say...  entertaining and highly informative!  You can watch past episodes on the link above.

Having served as co-Chair of our school district's Nutrition Committee a few years ago, I only wish that Jamie Oliver and "Food Revolution" were on TV back then, when some parents were fighting us 'tooth and nail'... Let's reverse the trend of our kids' generation having a shorter lifespan than their parents!   

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