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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Kids & 'Sexting'

New word, New world... 'Sexting', definition: sending sexually suggestive text messages and images via ones cell phone.  Experts say that this is a national epidemic among children, and as many as 20% percent of our kids are involved.  Few parents are aware of the content of these messages, and the kids don't realize the potential negative personal and even criminal consequences.
Yesterday I attended a seminar on this topic through our school district... it's not easy, but monitoring their cell phone and Facebook activity, speaking to them about this topic openly, not just once but many times is so important... they just don't get the privacy thing... privacy has a different meaning today than when we grew up.
 Just last week this controversy broke... This promotional video put out for Microsoft's new Kin phones, clearly advocates sexting, and was killed after 'Consumer Reports' complained, and many others were outraged...  I'm sure you'll agree after seeing this "creepy sequence".

For some of these kids who got caught, and have been charged with child pornography, some say was not what the law was intended for and is a miscarriage of justice. In these cases the punishment does not fit the crime... never-the-less, this is the current state of the law in many states.

For those of us who have recently outfitted our kids with cell phones now that they are in middle school, it's not too early to start the discussion.
For strategies in reducing the risk this is a recommended article from U.S. News Health.

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