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Friday, April 9, 2010

Longer Legs!

At 5' 11/2", I'm always looking for a shoe to elongate my legs... something with a heel or wedge that I can walk in comfortably.  Now that Spring has arrived with already soaring temps, I'm ready to go right from boots to sandals... and this affordable lightweight nude sandal from KORK-EASE is just the right thing... 

 Style.com says Kork-Ease's Bette sandal is top choice at $145

Another option in 'nude' is this Cole Haan Gladiator at $148

The other aspect of going with a 'nude' color is that it goes with so many things... so if these seem out of your budget, think about buying fewer pairs this spring and having a few that are 10's, that feel and look great!  When I find shoes, bags, clothing that I feel great in I wear them to death... Shhhhh... don't tell!

Love to know what your favorite shoes are this spring... just leave a comment below... thanks!

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