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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Best For Last

Once the weather turns spring , and I really gear up for lots of grilling, (though I do grill some through winter), it's hard to look back to cooking on my stove... but this tomato sauce I made last night is worth it and is sooooo unbelievably easy it's hard to believe it!  Food bloggers fawn over this perfect sauce from my favorite italian chef Marcella Hazan. Although I have her cookbooks and covet them, I've never made this sauce until I saw it on my favorite food bloggers site, Smitten Kitchen. Now I made it two times in one week, because my kids were begging for it the second time.

These are the three ingedients you'll need, but the essential one is San Marzano, if you can find them...
Photo from Smitten Kitchen

Now, I used San Marzano, chunks of tomatoes, because that's what my local store, Seven Brothers Gourmet, had on the shelf.  A 28 ounce can is all you'll need, but you'll be running back for more so I recommend buying a few.  An onion and butter ( I use Land-o-Lakes) are the other two ingredients, and I made it over spaghetti the first time and fusilli the second.
The thing of course that makes this so special and so delicious is the butter... you say, "butter, not olive oil", WOW, that's sounds crazy, but it's fabulously rich, and full bodied (whoops, that's a wine description, but it's true).
 Thank you Deb from 'Smitten Kitchen', I read you all the time!  

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