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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sedona = Paradise?!!

How does one define paradise...is it a place or simply a place in ones mind?  I try to find joy in my everyday life, but being in Sedona (despite the commercialism), especially when you're hiking the myriad trails, beauty is handed to you on a red clay platter... the textures tell the story...

One thing that is not plentiful in Sedona is really good local cuisine... so, with a tip from a neighbor of mine in New York, we found our food oasis in a desert of restaurants, with a seriously talented chef, who actually made the food, unlike some chefs who are often absent from their own restaurants these days.

Chef Smedstads' creative Mexican cooking took me to paradise... starting with his signature appetizer  derived from a popular Mexican street food called Elote...  made from fire roasted corn, spicy mayo, lime, and cotija cheese.  We also indulged in the clean fresh flavors of his Jicama Salad, and the warm comfort of Fundido de Charro... homemade chorizo, carnitas, mushrooms, rajas and melted Mexican cheeses.
My luscious entree was Lamb Adobo, a specialty of the house made with a sweet and spicy ancho sauce.

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the food, due to my altered state from all the heavenly eats... sorry!
Stay tuned for more tomorrow... about Vortexes, Jerome, etc...

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  1. I have never been to sedona but i used to live in southern utah and these pics remind me of that area. but it sounds like the food is much better there lol :)