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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shoe Lust #?

Just like sheep, I've lost count how many times in my life I've lusted after a pair of shoes (the same with bags)... too many times... and often it may go unfulfilled for a number of reasons, with price being one of them.  This was not the case the other day when I was waiting for an oil change, and went browsing one of my favorite shoe stores in Commack, NY.  Risking a dangerous intersection, where the flashing sign gives you a second by second countdown to your imminent end... I literally ran to take a look at what was NEW for Spring 2010...

One of my favorite colors!

Eleana Sandal by Vaneli at ShoeBox, $135

Both of these sandals were so stylish and yet comfortable, with different price points, for different budgets.  The Vincent sandal has a 3-1/4" heel height which is about the highest I can go these days and still have a smile on my face.  The Vaneli had a smaller heel, but still had that sexy 'gladiator look'.
In the end I wanted one in every color!

This would look great with the black and white Sandals!
Sale ends today at 9am today...

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