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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I promised to let you know how my meeting went yesterday with an old friend, well...
"My heart finds its morning and is refreshed" (Gibran),... that's how I feel, after meeting my friend after a gap of 8 years!  It was bittersweet that we missed being there for each other, not knowing each others children the way friends do, but it felt comfortable and my hope and belief is that now we will find time to meet halfway more often.

With Valentine's Day looming only a few weeks away...  I saw this beautiful cuff, earrings and bracelet from Gilt.com... The cuff, in brass and crystal, by 'Diana Broussard, is something different, (LOVE it!) while the earrings and bracelet are classic pieces... the sale ends tomorrow midnight EST. 

It's so hard to find beautiful and MODERN flower arrangements in Suffolk County on Long Island, but as in their name "Insolita" the latin word for unusual,  this flower shop in Huntington might just be the place (dropping a heavy hint) to our husbands or significant others for Valentine's Day.... maybe a (not-so-subtle) post-it by the phone!

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