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Monday, January 4, 2010

FarmVille or Not?

This simple but addictive social networking game has over 62 million players since the game debuted in June 2009.  How many 'neighbor' invites have you had on Facebook?  Young children, college kids, and women, make up a lot of the gaming demographics.  Is it a desire for a more simple life, is it therapeutic, or just satisfying to create something from a seed, and see it grow and flourish right before your eyes, without the real dirt, grit and danger of real farming... virtual worlds are antiseptic.  Are you  putting your real household chores on hold waiting to harvest blueberries?

So my real neighbor invited me to play, should I, and risk an even worse 'laundry backup' problem (socks that never make it to the drawers), or do I succumb to this with the promise of 'utopia'?!  One thing I do know is that real chores are humdrum, working hard at something (i.e. a job, schoolwork) without seeing the immediate payoff is sometimes difficult too... so be sure to set short-term as well as long-term goals for yourself... now that we've begun a New Year it's a great time.  Enjoy FarmVille, if it's not taking away too much from the rest of your life!  As a visual artist ( and blogger too), I have my creative outlet where I can see my work grow... What's yours?

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