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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Favorite Room

'Still Life' photos from my bathroom this morning...

Dried Hydrangeas from my garden, Sabon skin products 

Perfumes and Postcards

Costume Jewelry Splay

My favorite room in the house was converted from a Bedroom to a Master Bathroom a few years after we moved in...  it's a reflection of me, with objects in it that have sentimental meaning, and it gives me so much pleasure everyday I'm there.  I hope you have a place in your home where you feel that way.
Is this 'Feng Shui'?  When I looked it up, Wikipedia say that the literal translation is "wind-water"...  Well, I don't know about the wind (maybe my husband does), but it is a place of water...

Baby Picture with Broken Frame

One of Two Mermaids from California

Antique Vase, a gift from my husband

Broken Vase from my San Francisco Years

Soaps from Spain

Winter Sunrise This Morning

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