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Friday, January 8, 2010

"Fragile: Handle With Care"

I had the privledge yesterday of getting a behind-the-scenes look at the installation of a beautiful exhibit, curated by Carole Jay, at the 'Art League of Long Island' which opens on Sunday.  What to do with the family on a frigid weekend?... get 'Cultcha' and have fun... the kids will love seeing the inner workings of Mr. Esser's  two story tree and 'mechanical butterflies'... oh, and Ms. Pickett's "Tree Drawings", that's right, THE TREES made the drawings with the help of the wind!  Ms. Palmieri, a local artist, created a 'Human-Size' honeycomb, so we can relate to the ever-dwindling, vegetable pollinating, 'Bee' population... and Ms. Kawata's recycled shredded paper sculptures are really COOL... the reception (an event complete with food and origami you can purchase to benefit Polar Bears) is Sunday, January 17th, and the show ends February 14th, so don't miss it!

Tom Steele

Maureen Palmieri

Joseph Esser

Pat Pickett

Tamiko Kawata

Winn Rea

Puneeta Mittal

Speaking of 'Shredding'...  Shame on you 'H&M' Megastore, as my kids would say, 'Epic Fail', for shredding perfectly good clothing and dumping them when they could have been donated to 'homeless shelters' in NYC... and how long have they (and others?) been doing this?

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