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Friday, January 29, 2010

Marie's Feast!

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of feasting on the most delicious 'Middle Eastern' cooking from Marie Pindus, 'chef and storyteller extraordinaire'.  In an intimate setting we read excerpts from Claudia Roden's "Book of Middle Eastern Food", while Marie cooked from recipes in her head, suggesting similar ones from "Feast from the Mideast: 250 Sun-Drenched Dishes from the Lands of the Bible (Cookbooks)... and Oh, what a perfect morning it was... Turkish coffee, Baba Ghannouj, Tabbouleh, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Kibbeh, and Baklavah...  It was a feast for ALL the senses... I wish you could smell the fragrant herbs and spices... allspice, ground cardamom, coriander, nutmeg, mint, rose water, tahini... 


Turkish Coffee with Rose Water


Stuffed Grape Leaves

Kibbeh, a mixture of cracked wheat, onion, and minced lamb


A small excerpt from Claudia Roden's book...  "I know of no other dish whose preparation is enveloped by such a mystique. Some women are known to have a special 'hand' or 'finger' for making kibbeh."

The 'Mediterranean' diet is healthy, fresh, and so delicious, I could eat Tabbouleh everyday!
Thanks so much to Marie Pindus and Rabbi Susie Moskowitz for making this a wonderful experience.
P.S. I'm so excited, thanks to Marie, I discovered that the leaves from the grape vines growing wild in my backyard all these years, can be used to make the 'Stuffed Grape Leaves' come September.


  1. This is a wonderful report on a wonderful morning. Thanks for Lisa for your pictures and story and thank you Marie for your amazing food. Just one correction- Marie cooked from the recipes in her head and just recommended if we want to cook similar foods that Faye Levy's cookbook is a great place to start.

  2. Your tribute to me and the Thursday morning we spent together is so rewarding. I am so glad that you enjoyed the food. Food definitely stimulates our psyche and takes us on different journeys in life.
    I also enjoyed spending the morning with intelligent women who shared their stories. I especially enjoyed listening to Rabbi Susie
    read excerpts from "My Father's Paradise." I look forward to reading it, as well as "The Book of Middle Eastern Foods"
    Thank you Mama Lisha for your kind words and wonderful photos of all of the food!!

    Marie Pindus