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Friday, January 15, 2010

Dressed To Reflect

I do my 'Power Walk' in the morning before craziness sets in to my day, but my husband does his workout at night to relax after work.  Of course he'll go out in a blizzard too, the more extreme the conditions the bigger the challenge.  A few years ago some of the neighbors told me they almost drove into him at night, so we've purchased a number of reflective shirts, jackets and pants... and since then the neighborhood kids love watching the 'invisible monster' as they affectionately call him, with 'glowing' lines frantically moving to the rythym of his racing stride. Yishane Lee, NY Times writer, says that "even daytime runners can use the help of a jacket made with reflective fabric... They tested five jackets and here are a few they liked...

These gloves are a real find... They have 'Tec Touch' pods, on the fingers so you can use your touch screen device..."staying comfortable, connected, and warm!  So many times I've been frustrated while wearing my fashion leather gloves, unable to use my touch screen phone...  These '180s' are GREAT for winter, whether you workout or not !

Not as inexpensive as a 'free app', but a lot more accurate, these strap-on devices measure motion, body heat and sweat converted into calories burned.  This is a great gift for the 'workout junkie'.

Last but not least, here's one for the Pooch!

Stay Safe and have a great weekeend!

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