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Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Cutting Your Teeth"

If you haven't shopped 'FULL PRICE' for a long time, you gotta start somewhere, just a few special items to jazz up your wardrobe... may as well start now with some great stuff from Anthropologie... shoes (sorry it's an obsession with me), a sweater, and bracelet (cuffs this season)... I like mixing it up, walking in different shoes so-to-speak, having some modern as well as vintage and classic pieces in my wardrobe makes life more interesting... Don't you think?

A friend of mine used to say that she would dress in something bright and bold when her mood was 'blue', and otherwise, the opposite on her 'sunny' days.  How do you think about the day, when you're getting dressed to go out and face the world?  Does it matter or not?

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