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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saucy Stuff!

Lea & Perrins, Stonewall Kitchen, Stubb's, Honeycup

My favorite way to cook just about any meat, chicken, or fish is with a dry rub on the grill... yes, even in winter... the flavor is more intense and it gives that nice crispy outer shell, keeping what's inside moist and juicy.
I do like liquid sauces/marinades too, especially this time of year... so I grabbed just a few of the twenty or so of my favorite from the door of my refrigerator, so I could show you a few quick ideas about what I sometimes cook for my family when it's a busy night of homework and extracurricular activities.  I keep my cooking simple and fresh, especially when it comes to the veggies and salad.

The Lea & Perrins is not 'Worcestershire Sauce', but a 'Chicken Marinade' with wine and herbs.  I buy a good quality chicken, Bell & Evans, or a free range chicken, and brown it first in a little olive oil, then pour off the chicken fat and pour the marinade over the chicken and bake until done, sprinkle with parsley... delicious!
The other night I cooked a 5lb. lean pork roast (at 400 degrees) in my convection oven for about 1 & 1/4 hours, turned the temp down to 375 degrees and coated the roast with the 'Vidalia Onion Fig Sauce' (Mmmmm!), put it back in for about 15 minutes more... delicious!
The Stubb's Original sauce is not sweet, but tangy and the kids dip just about everything in it!
'Honeycup' honey mustard is great on sandwiches, in salad dressing (oil and vinegar), or on a roasted chicken too!

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  1. We're thrilled your kids love our sauce for dipping. Thanks for the shout out, and happy cooking.