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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Never Conquered... Always There!

As I sit writing, that all too familiar 'Hummmmm'...  song, NO... my clothes dryer, YES!  No matter how far we have come with technological advances, we're still left with the dreaded chore... LAUNDRY!   What are we to do, until Rosie from The Jetson's, or R2D2 from Star Wars comes along, a laundry programmed robot servant... is it even ethical or for that matter practical?

Some researchers from Vienna and Manitoba are building this sophisticated and creepy (as in nightmare) looking robot to assist humans with "routine tasks".

My favorite line at a party used to be... "that's great and all, but does it do laundry?".  I would get a chuckle and then silence... BUT I REALLY MEANT IT!

So back to the task at hand, one of the best tips I read last year was an article in the magazine, Real Simple, where a woman from Colorado said something that I thought was brilliant and liberating at the same time.  I do it to this day and it works very well.  By not sorting lights and darks with the kids clothes, you'll save a lot of time!  Why?... they'll grow out of them soon enough, and if you wash them together in cold water it works for the most part (with some exceptions).  Of course you still have fold (I don't mind this part) and put the clothes away (Yuck)...  or have the kids help...  HaHa, who are we kidding!  Actually, on the weekend I leave piles of folded clothes for them to put away.  What would be more helpful is if my 11 year old son would take all those presents for me out of his pockets, like school work, candy wrappers, gum, pens, money, etc...

My folding doesn't look like this... does yours?

Love to hear your tips or gripes on 'Laundry'.
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