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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sleeping in Luxe

I bought these fabulous sheets awhile ago when my husband commented about how we needed some new ones... if HE said it, they must have been pretty bad, and they were old and frayed... in their day they were good quality, and now super soft, but so dingy looking.
Well my husband opened the door on that one...
One day while browsing the Gilt website I found and purchased these colorful Fazzini, Antigua sheets in Lime Green, big risk right?, but worth it... the colors are spectacular, they're super soft italian cotton, and they have a wonderful fragrance... a bonus!  I paired the sheets with a white comforter I had from Pottery Barn, I bought extra matching green pillow cases at Bed Bath & Beyond and a beautiful accent pillow from them too... surprised I could match it with such distinct saturated colors!

'Gilt' has the sheets and duvet on sale again until midnight tomorrow...
They come in blue and lavender too

Anthology at Bed Bath & Beyond

Trust me this pillow looks amazing with the sheets... so now the bedroom, which is all off white has this beautiful punch of color!

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  1. I absolutely love nice expensive sheets. They are lux to me. Don't forget you are Sensational Woman this Saturday. Your interview is fabulous.

  2. gorgeous!

    D E G A I N E


  3. OMG they are gorgeous! I'd never see those in Walmart. I already signed up for membership since they have so many spots. Talk about beautiful! We need to buy some sheets and a comforter for our new house since we'll have two beds, so it's almost like destiny I came back and stumbled on this! Oh, they are so pretty.

    Probably can't get them right away as buying a new house is expensive enough, but I'll keep my eye on it. Great spot!

  4. Just found your blog via search engine. I bought the Duvet set in Aug and have a Balinesian style bed w canopy. It really is stunning and cheerful to wake up to in the morning. Bummed I did not also buy the sheets as the pillow case lime color is hard to match. Love your little bird throw pillows...great idea. I am trying to pull out some of the periwinkle colors..WW

  5. They're back on Gilt today! I'm considering buying the lavender duvet set.

  6. Well worth it... the color is gorgeous and they feel so soft!