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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dinner in the Hudson Valley

Philmont, NY... and restaurant Local 111, our dinner destination last week while vacationing in the upper Hudson Valley, a beautiful half hour drive of rich green (despite the heat) rolling hills, deer spotting everywhere this year, and plentiful farms with bounties of produce ending up on our dinner plate... farm-to-table restaurantsa term now used in the local sustainable food movement which means back to basics, staying local and fresh.
I like it for all the PC reasons but also because it tastes so good and the foods is packed with flavor!
Local 111 was built into an old service station with big windows open to Main Street...
                                     photo from Local 111 website

Yummy cocktails made with Soju

Mmmmm... local cheeses, berries and honey

Pork chop with baby carrots and zucchini bread

The food was delicious, and it made me want to visit each of the local farms where all these fresh ingredients came from... farm-to-plate-to-my palate, thank you all!

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  1. Wow, looks like fun! The Upper Hudson RV is so beautiful this time of year...