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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shopping With My Son

My 14 year old son and I 'palled around' last night, running errands to prepare and pack for his 2 week stint at a Music Camp starting this weekend...  some of our errands brought us to the mall, looking for a pair of shoes (sneakers not allowed) for him when he preforms with the other musicians.  We strolled into Aldo, a footwear store with both feet into cutting edge trends at affordable prices.
We liked these canvas shoes, and my son has his own distinct style...  sort of layed-back musician, tennis player, California surfer (because of his long blonde hair) look.  I wish he would wear one of the great looking fedoras being shown everywhere this season, but he doesn't like hats...

The shoes also come in other great colors in leather and canvas (not all colors are on sale) including a beautiful grey...
Releford Loafer, online and in store sale, $34.98

While looking around the store I found this great summer belt I needed for a top in green and tan khaki that I purchased early in the season and haven't worn... now I will...

We had a great time shopping, he's great company, of course when he was done with shopping, I could have gone on and on... so we compromised and then we had a bite to eat at his favorite...  Chipotle.

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