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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pool Pooch (NOT)!

I feel bad for my labradoodle, Jez... he's afraid to swim in our pool, it's like this push/pull thing, a love/hate with the pool.  He looks like he's tortured by it because he runs around the pool (and it's hot hot hot this summer) following the kids and barking at almost every splash... he wants to go in so much but he can't do it even when we throw a ball (passionate about balls) in the water!
I don't get it, he's a Lab... ra... Doodle!!!  Labs and Poodles are supposed to like the water!  We've never taken him to a beach, but somehow I think he would be fine there.
Once a couple of years ago (he'll be 4 in November), we got him in, not easily, he's 58 pounds ok,... and I didn't handle it very well, instead of letting him figure it out, I was nervous and pushed him quickly to the steps... maybe I scared him more... I don't think so, because he was afraid then too.
Jez at my brothers pool

Watching and wanting to be part of the action!

Ahhh... poor guy

I know we should probably call a trainer and find out what to do because it's torture for me too.
I've read conflicting things...

What do you think?  Love to hear your ideas!

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  1. I SO understand....my lab mix HATES the water...even puddles....I've totally given up even trying to get her interested....so I would be horrible at giving advice...where is the Dog whisperer when you need him! Happy SITS day!