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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mexican via Long Island

It was Saturday night the Saturday night before the 4th of July... yes, that makes it Saturday, July 3rd... when we went wandering around an all too familiar Huntington, Long Island, just a hop from our home.
We were spending special time with our 14 year old son (while his brother's in camp) before going our separate ways on Sunday for an all adult 4th which we were to spend with friends while he was having a sleepover with his cousins.
We love Mexican food, but it's very hard to find the good stuff this far north of the border!  It's been a few years since we had supped at Oaxaca Mexican Food Treasure, a casual restaurant with very friendly service and authentic food that really hit the spot, a guilty pleasure, what I mean by that is that when the check comes we ( maybe just me) felt guilty not paying more!
The first great thing I had was gazpacho, cool and refreshing (low cal)...  and oh so fragrant, with bits of apple, peach and jicama in a thick cilantro lime infused tomato base! The Mexico City Tacos, Oaxaca Mole, and Chile Rellenos were fantastic and of course Flan for dessert which we all split.

They're proud and friendly

Oaxaca Mole

Mexico City Tacos

Chile Relleno and Burrito Combo

Hope you had a great weekend!

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