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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Out of Bars!

I'm on vacation this week in a beautiful and rural part of upstate New York...my plan to blog from here has been foiled two fold... Couldn't locate a 'Camera Kit' from Apple for the iPad to upload photos because Apple can't keep up with the demand on this wonderful new product including all accessories. Maybe I could have purchased one online a few weeks before leaving, but I thought I would find one at the Apple store... Silly me!
Truly the biggest obstacle to communicating with the outside world is, NO BARS!... No Verizon bars, no AT&T bars...except for one little spot about the size of my butt (sorry, my kids say that), butt really and truly... It's where I'm sitting right now sharing a litle patch of grass with some ants, and the signal is iffy at best.
Yesterday I must have tried to text or call my 14 year old son all day and into the evening... It's his first day at a tennis camp for the week, but NOT, because he also has spotty service... And we kept missing each other with broken messages!
Oh no, it's showering so I'll come back to my spot with the ants in a few minutes...
I'm enjoying the deer, the corn, the lake, and even the occasional ant... so if you're checking into the blog this week and the posting date hasn't changed in a few days I apologize now, and will be back home next week.
Maybe having 'no bars' is the antidote to a busy lifestyle... Maybe I should appreciate and consider this a gift!
p.s. I'm enjoying time with my husband most of all.

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