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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Plans

With Summer almost upon us, and my 12 year old son going to Sleep-away Camp for 7 weeks, my 14 year away for three of those weeks, I try to think beforehand about MY summer goals, something just for me... not an easy task when throughout the rest of the year I'm in kid mode, changing gears is not easy...  whether it be a big cleaning project, taking a course, traveling with my husband, just doing nothing...  for me it's usually means having time to make art, walking the beach at sunset everyday, putting a photo book together... whatever it is, now is the time to plan because Summer flies by... I like to get the project(s) going quickly because the last 10 days before they come home, when I miss them terribly, I'm unable to do much of anything and find it hard to focus.

Maybe you'll even design something like this Shopping List Bag...

Or not... if you're not that ambitious just give yourself a big break and recharge!

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