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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Morning Like So Many Others

I used to pump-it-up everyday for 30 minutes on a 'Power Walk' through my neighborhood with ipod in tow... now I pump-it-up everyday with my 'CardioTrainer' app (free on the Droid) and my dog in tow.
The sights, sounds, and smells of suburbia is my music, noticing over the last 7 years or so sometimes subtle changes, like weeds growing at an abandoned house, and not so subtle changes in the landscape, like 70 foot oaks being cut down indiscriminately...
It talks to me in a sexy British voice

Garbage day stinks in summer when the juices are squeezed out onto the street

Is that an electrical symbol?

He sniffs another dog

Yeah, try 40mph

Old garbage on town property

The artist in me is driven crazy by the off center boarder

Just love this landscapers truck

Ran into my wonderful painter working next door, Conrad Painting

Back home, checking out my garden...
Oak leaf hydrangea, roses, spirea, geraniums

Just blooming hydrangeas

Annuals waiting to be planted

On the front porch... he wants to play 

Now that it's spring, my son, my dog and I play what we call 'driveway tennis'... I'll tell you about that tomorrow. 

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