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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Driveway Tennis

"Driveway Tennis" is our name for hitting the ball back and forth to each other in the driveway when we can't get to a court and when my dog tells us to (which is daily)... what I mean by that is, he goes to the closet door where the racquets are kept, lays down beside it and cries to play... his role in all this, 'BALL DOG'!  It's great exercise for him and he's really good at 'BALL DOG'...

This is how it works... you need 2 or more tennis balls, preferably old ones, a driveway (ours is on a hill and curves so it's far from ideal), 2 people with racquets (patience too) and a ball-loving dog.  We hit the ball back and forth until we miss and then he pounces, leaps, jumps the bushes, and whatever it takes to retrieve this dirty yellow and now wet fuzzy rubber globe... in the mean time while he's doing his thing we're hitting the other ball back and forth to each other until we miss again, and so on...

At first he would steel our ball and run away.  It took us a while to get this down and him trained, but now he brings the ball back to this bush (in the photo) on the side of the driveway where he drops it there for us!

I wish I could show you with a FLIP-BOOK made from these...

It's a great workout for my dog and a great time for my 14 year old and I to catch up on things!


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