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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Summer Bag!

Confession... when I find a top, bag, or shoes that are the perfect fit, I latch onto that one item for the whole season and wear it to death... I wonder if anyone notices or cares for that matter...
I think this bag is going to be one of those things.  I saw a family friend wearing it this past weekend and instantly knew it was for me... a great summer bag, weightless, big enough to throw a beach towel into, and easy to wipe off the ice cream drippings, and it's a great textured microfiber...
'eBags.com' had it in the color I wanted (black), and had the best online price I could find (including free shipping)... Carlos Falchi Microfiber Tote, $176
It comes in other great colors too!

Included is the attached purse, inside pockets for phone, and a hook for keys

If you're traveling this summer, what a great bag to take along, but be careful there isn't a closure at the top.

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  1. wonderful collection of summer bag. Very beautiful to see. Wonderful, standard and fashionable . Preferable to all. Color and designs are perfect. nice combination . Hoping to have like this.