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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

School is Over!

No one really told me that when you have kids you go back to school too!  I mean my kids are independent students, but the schedules, homework, papers, testing and extracurricular activities... OMG... I'm so glad it's summer vacation today.  It feels so good to sleep in, to breathe the hot humid air (NOT, but it sounds good), and to not be nagging the kids about EVERYTHING!

To be silly

Take naps anytime

Oh, one more big thing tonight... my 14 year old is graduating from middle school, off to high school next year and he can hardly wait... NOT ME!  I'm sad that it's all moving faster than I can take it in...

After the graduation ceremony the kids are being bused to a party with DJ and all, where he'll dance (he loves to dance) and look something like this...

Loved every minute of middle school, and next year I get to experience both middle and high schools at once!

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