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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bathing Suit Shopping

WOW!... this is such a loaded subject for many of us... body image and our issues about our bodies can take on a life of their own in the dressing room when that moment of truth comes while trying to find a bathing suit that suits!
Yesterday was my day and I have to say it went quite well for a number of reasons...
First and foremost I have a positive attitude about my body, even with my shortcomings, which I can assure you makes a good size list...
Secondly, I'm proud of myself for losing over 20 pounds this winter!
Nevertheless, I was in a dressing room with a 20ish young woman in the room next to me, who with her knockout figure was trying on bikinis... and I was still OK.
Here's my BIG TIP... spend more on a good suit, even if you only buy one, it will make a big difference.
I went shopping at 'Great Shapes' in Woodbury, NY, because the service is fabulous...  they listen to what you want, but have the experience to choose suits for your body type so you don't get discouraged spending time trying on the wrong suits.
I loved the fit and styling of Karla Colletto's Swimwear!!!

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