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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hope In James Cameron

Photo by Jo Yong-hak / REUTERS

I swear it's true when I say (and I almost wrote a post on the idea) that a few weeks ago, I was thinking that artists should be a part of the brainstorming on the Gulf 'oil spill'... so yesterday when I heard that director James Cameron ('Avatar' and 'Titanic') was asked for his ideas, what better person than this modern day 'Renaissance Man'... Cameron is part artist, part scientist, but mostly an expert on underwater remote vehicles, and was part of a think tank yesterday with scientists and other experts to brainstorm ideas on how to stop the disastrous six week-old oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Whether it be an artist or scientist, creative minds coming together maybe our best hope at this point...

 John McCain, who during the Republican Convention relented to the rallying cry of Sarah Palin to the tune of...

As the blog 'Gulf Stream Blues" put it...  The 'drill baby drill' chants didn't just influence McCain, but Obama too, since he lifted the moratorium on oil drilling off the Northeast coast, even though technology to stop a potential leak hasn't been tested!

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