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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baseball and Tacos

Last night my 12 year old had his second to last Little League playoff night game which started at 7:45pm.  My husband was running late so I fed the kids dinner and then packed up our dinner for a picnic (of sorts) at the ball field... fish tacos one of our favorite meals, tacos with chicken or pork too for that matter... I adapt to whatever I have around, but there are my basics (which I usually keep in stock)...  soft tortillas, cherry or grape tomatoes, romaine lettuce or cabbage, onion (red or green), salsa (Green Mountain), cilantro, lime, Helmann's Mayo and Cholula Sauce (a staple for us).  If I have a ripe avocado and pico de gallo (instead of salsa) that's great but not necessary...  I marinated the fish (a flaky one) in lime and garlic for 30 minutes, pan fried it, then in a small bowl I mixed mostly mayo, a dollop (love that word) of greek yogurt, a little Cholula (hot sauce), and fresh lime juice to taste... combine a little of the above ingredients together in a warm corn or flour tortilla, add a spoonful of the dressing and you have a perfect meal!
If you prefer to follow a recipe, this one from Food Network is a little different but simple and easy...
My mayo dressing with Cholula sauce, yogurt, and lime is a real winner and you'll want to eat it on everything!
I wrapped the tacos in foil, sliced up some lime, packed some fruit and something slightly sweet and crunchy that I can't live without lately and I eat for breakfast, snack, and dessert almost everyday (Trader Joe's or online) ...

  It was a beautiful night for a ball game!

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