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Thursday, June 3, 2010

In a Former Life

Last night as parents were filling the auditorium for my 8th grader's band concert, I was chatting with two other parents (one Mom, one Dad) who I've known since the kids were in kindergarten, only to find out that this naturally beautiful (inside and out) Mom was a model many years ago (before kids)...
The point of this is that there are probably many more instances like this where I've known these Moms (as acquaintances) for years, just as 'so and so's Mom', and know nothing of their former career lives... does it really matter?... maybe not, but does paint a richer picture?...  I think YES!

So I chimed in, not having told anyone in a long time that I also had a wonderful career 'BK' (Before Kids)... first as an Art Director in public television, then an Artist, Producer, and Account Executive in computer graphics and special effects for television... this was after receiving a BFA in painting and photography (my first love), which I have come full circle back to... as the Dad (husband of my friend) said, "Wow, I'm learning all this stuff I never knew about you before tonight, that's great!"
Yes, that was great, it feels good to say that...  and my kids haven't experienced that part of my life either.

Please leave a comment... We would love to hear how you feel about your former Career Life and now Mom Life, or maybe you're a working Mom blending both together... kuddos to you!

Starting this Sunday, I will have one of my paintings in a group show at a local gallery... I'm very excited, and I thought for those of you who won't be there I'd like you to see it, and one of my other pieces too...

Vortex 1                                         Transfer Painting 22"x 30"
Vortex 1 (Detail)                                                                      

Tweet                                                            44"x 60"          

Tweet (Detail)

Thanks, and you can see more of my work if you click on the side of my blog where it says, "Mama Lisha's Paintings"


  1. I love your blog Lisa. Your artistic personality shines through everything you write about. I totally agree with you about the tendency for women to take on the persona of being mom. The richness of our lives BK (before kids) will always dwell within. We just need to reinvent ourselves ever decade or so as our children grow up and become more independent. Lots of luck and congratulation with your exhibit...the pieces are fabulous! XoXo Aaron's kindergarten teacher, Alyna and Riana's mom, Rissa :)

  2. Thank you so much beautiful person inside and out!

  3. I know exactly what you are saying. There are so many times that I want to scream, "I am sooooo much more that just so and so's mom!!" It is probably a feeling that many mom's feel (but never talk about) everyday. I think that is why I love to blog. I feel like me! :)

  4. Incredible paintings! I agree, as parent's we so often identify each other as "so and so's mom" and with all the hustle and bustle of family life, we often neglect to go deeper with those relationships and learn more about the other components that make each of those moms and dads unique.

    Do you miss working in television?

  5. Your paintings are beautiful! I'm so glad you have gone back to your first love.

    I'm occasionally surprised to discover that my kids don't know all there is about me. Somehow, I just assume they know all, since I know all about them. I expect others not to know, but not my family. :)

    In my past life, I was a singer, cowgirl and diplomat. I know, shocking combination, but true.

  6. I know exactly what you mean! I was an exec in the film industry working for an A-list actor and people are always so surprised when I tell them. "I had no idea!" is what I always get. I don't talk about it much. Aren't many opportunities to say, "oh did you know I used to work for ..." without sounding obnoxious! Now I'm known as Caroline and Katherine's mom but through blogging am feeling like I'm creating a true identity for myself as a writer after dabbling in writing for the last eight years.

  7. Love the richness of your paintings - rich in details, rich in color! I remember BCH (before coming home) that I would pre-judge those at- home moms. It's like we believe those at home "aren't quite bright" (for shame). Then I became one when Alpha Son was 10. I was cross-training to be an engineering tech (help engineers with electrical testing, etc.) at the nuclear plant where I worked. I instantly LOST who I was, became a has-been, and became an attachment of my son, like his arm or leg or something. Josh's mom. And no one cared what I was capable of BCH. You want to wear a sign saying, "Look at ME, see ME, know ME." Blogging helps a lot with that although I finally made the peace with my BCH and ACH self.