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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just A Taste of New Orleans...

Sorry kids... My carefully hand-picked 'hot sauce' was confiscated at the airport as I forgot to pack it in my checked baggage and it was greater than the 3oz. carry-on allotment.  Eating in Nawlins, is heaven of course, take your pick, hot, sweeeet, or fat, or all rolled into one!!!

Mother's Restaurant (opened in 1938), on the opposite corner from the "W Hotel" where we stayed, was one of the many great eating spots (more tomorrow...) we heard about from the hotels' wonderful concierge staff.  Mother's is like the Carnegie Deli of New Orleans.
Where else can you get a "Po'Boy"(hero sandwich)
made with 'debris' (bits of roast beef that fall into the gravy when you carve it), and come back asking for more 'debris'!

Napolean House, a 200 hundred year old landmark has become one of the most famous bars in America.  It was the middle of the afternoon, old timers were hunkered down at the bar and young lovers were sipping wine curbside.  We wanted to walk so we waited for a 'Muffuletta' sandwich to go... taking in the aroma of history. The muffuletta sandwich was originated in 1906 in the New Orleans French Quarter by a Sicilian immigrant... it consists of a loaf of bread covered in a marinated olive salad and then layered with italian meats and cheese, and warmed to soften the provolone.

 We finished off the afternoon at 'Southern Candymakers', where their claim to fame are the best 'Pralines'(buttery carmel sugar with pecans) in the US... I don't know, but having grown up with a southern father who loves his sugar, I found them irresistible!

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  1. mothers has the best bread pudding in the world -you are making me miss NOLA