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Thursday, November 19, 2009

For Him... and Fragrance For Your Home

Well I'm now hooked on 'Gilt.com'!  What a smart & stylish Bluetooth headset... a Great gift for the man  in your life... and they say it has a "background noise-canceling technology developed by the military".  (That's one of the reasons I stopped using the bluetooth a few years ago, it was picking up so much background noise.)  The 'Jawbone II'  sells for $62 (originally $120) and the sale ends midnight tomorrow.

It's that time of the year when we move from the outdoors to the indoors... and the turkey, pumpkin, and apple spices fill the air... and when those aromas dissipate and the indoor air stales... it's time for home fragrances, especially when guests arrive.  There are so many home fragrances out there in the form of candles, sprays, and now reed diffusers... many of which choke my senses...  Trapp, Private Gardens, is my favorite, especially the No.24, Wild Currant... "a fresh, fruity, unforgettable blend of red and black currant..." If you go to their website and enter your  zip code they'll list the stores nearby.   I love the spray and the bottle is beautiful to leave out in the powder room!

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