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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pendants of Strength

As we approach the gift-giving time of year, I have a major resistance to buying gifts under pressure.  I'm one who likes to buy gifts when I see something and it hits me how perfect this would be for so and so...  I'll buy it and give it a friend or family member no matter what day of the week it is, it doesn't have to be their birthday or Christmas/Hannukah... I can hardly wait for that giving moment!

A friend of mine recently emailed me about her good friend Ellen's Equestrian Jewelry and since I'm not a horse person, I wasn't sure if I would like it... but I just love the necklaces... you don't have to a be a horse person because these special pieces are just great looking and the bonus is that they also send a message of HOPE!
 They're inspired by antique medals from the 1800's and Ellen's life-long passion for horses. One of the medals depicts Joan of Arc on one side and her shield on the other.  When Ellen decided to engrave words like Strength, Triumph and Valor on the medals she soon realized just how powerful these pieces would be especially for women facing life's greatest challenges head on...

love the chains too

Ellen can engrave your special message... as one friend told Ellen, "I gave it to a dear friend who is fighting every day for her life, I hope it brings comfort and strength to her".

If you're interested in purchasing Ellen's Equestrian Jewelry, contact her at this NY number: 516-695-2423.

Just remember, that gift-giving time will be upon us in a flash!... Enjoy. 

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  1. Lisa, thank you so much for celebrating these with such style. You are wonderful to give your readers the chance to enjoy these gorgeous pieces. Rissa