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Monday, November 8, 2010

1st Non-Stick Snow!

That's right, it's snowing in my backyard right now (Long Island NY)... a squall of wind and large snow flakes against a background of orange and yellow leaves, snow turning to sleet, flakes that aren't sticking, that wet the patio bricks.
My kids went out for the school bus right in the middle of it... both still wearing shorts!  "Oh Mom, it's so warm in school!"... I think I'll have to hide the shorts now, which will get passed along to friends and charities as they surely won't fit next season as they prolifically storm into manhood...
This sculpture exemplifies my boys moving through puberty!

My backyard as the snow turned to sleet...

My sweet dog is happy to be in a warm and cozy INSIDE...
My third son, Jez

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