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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Affordable Chic Boutiques

There are so many interesting ways to shop online these days, buying everything from dog chews to one-of-a-kind junk... but I discovered this glamourous women's boutique site called, Refinery 29 Boutiques, which they call a "...new shopping experience...", brought to you by American Express.  

Under the heading 'boutiques', they group small independent boutiques and designers from lower Manhattan to Brooklyn, which would take days to cover on foot as well as the expense... as my mother would say, "You won't be coming and going"... translated means, you probably won't see someone else wearing the same thing.

Looking for a special holiday dress?...  I found a few beauties... check out the rest of the site too...

They even have motorcycle helmets...  and something Amex calls the Zync card.

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