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Monday, February 28, 2011

Working Vacation

This was supposed to be a vacation week celebrating our presidents, but it turned out to be a working vacation for me.  We did manage to go skiing for a few days in upstate New York thanks to our friends who put us up in their condo (or put up with us not sure which it is).  The kids and my husband skied 'dust on crust' (I have a mildly torn meniscus), while I got a lot of work done on our upcoming Bar Mitzvah celebration (for my drummer son) which takes place in a few weeks.  I did go snowshoeing the last day which wasn't too smart either... feeling the pain as I descended the last third of the trail, wondering if I had done more damage to my knee.
The dirty laundry lay on the floor for most of the week while I tended to all the party plans, especially trying to get replies from kids who hadn't RSVP'd yet, way past the due date.  What if these kids just show up at the party?!  Part of the reason that this is an issue is that I decided, since this is to be mainly a kid party (just a few friends and family are invited), that I would go paperless with a website invitation... inviting ninety of his closest friends via a message on Facebook with a link taking them to the website.  Only one problem, who is RSVPing, the parents or the kids?  The responsible ones show their parents otherwise who knows...  It's new ground and I may regret it but the website is so COOL and it contains so much more information than a paper invitation... there's video of him, stills, a bio, directions, a link to Google maps, and troubling RSVP page which sends me an email at a different site so I can track the responses.
The site is beautiful and I thank my photographer for that, but I'm not sure how I will look back on this experience... too early to tell now that I'm in the throws of it... anyway back to work for me...
Happy Monday and sorry I was down for the week, but I'm back and running.

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